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Portable Waterjet Cutting: Industrial Strength

Often, when people think about "waterjet cutting" they envision a waterjet cutting table.

We do not use cutting tables!

NuWave Industries has a range of high-pressured waterjets. We have adapted the technology of a waterjet cutting table and made it useable across all industries. Our technology is:

  • Portable

  • Mountable

  • Radial-track

  • Remote operated

Benefit of Portable Waterjet Cutting

A portable waterjet is ultra-high pressured, can cut through anything that flames can cut through, and yet, a portable waterjet cutter is more efficient and more cost-effective.

Cut Anywhere

The design of our portable technology allows for NuWave crews to cut in any location that flame cutting would have traditionally performed cuts. We are able to adjust the machine to the specs of the required cut.

Eliminate Ignition Points

Waterjet cutting does not pose the same threat that flame-cutting does with ignition points. Waterjets are powerful enough to cut in half the time, with less resources used, and they are safer overall.

Eliminate Confined Spaces

The portable and mountable waterjets can be utilized in every industry safely by personnel. This is what makes portable waterjet technology a great solution for Emergency Response, when a cut must be made to remove fallen cement, metal or other materials -- there is no need for personnel to remain within a confined space to perform the cut.

Instead, the tools are brought in, mounted and then operated remotely, all while operators remain out of the line of fire.

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