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Cut-and-Cap Surface Well Abandonments

Cut and Cap service company for oil and gas abandonments and remediation work. Utilizing NuWave waterjet cutting technology our team optimizes the cut-and-cap abandonment process.

Cut-and-cap Oil and Gas Abandonments 

Utilizing mobile, subsurface waterjet cutters, our team is able to increase the efficiency of the cut-and-cap process. NuWave's approach to wellsite abandonments begins by removing the "christmas tree" wellhead system and then lowering our ultra-high pressured waterjet cutting technology down the wellbore. 

NuWave's waterjets then make a 360 degree cut through the steel wellbore. We're able to extract the casing and cap the well prior to backfilling the hole. 

NuWave's waterjet cutting method reduces time required to complete a cut-and-cap abandonment, it eliminates the need for large excavation footprints surrounding the wellbore and it saves our clients money. 

Cut-and-Cap Surface Well Abandonments

Cut-and-Cap Surface Well Abandonments

  • Waterjet cutting is 75% faster than traditional torch-cutting method for cut-and-cap procedure

  • Waterjet cutting replaces torch-cutting

  • Reduce environmental footprint surrounding wellbore by eliminating the need to excavate and prepare the site for cutting

  • Tools Utilized: Flange Bolts & Tubing Hanger Cutting

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