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NuWave Industries Ltd. Selected for Calgary Water Main Emergency Project

Calgary, Alberta – June 17, 2024

NuWave Industries on site at the Calgary water main project

NuWave Industries Ltd. is proud to announce its selection as a subcontractor for the emergency water main repair and replacement project in Calgary, Alberta. This critical infrastructure project aims to address and resolve the recent damage to the city's water main, ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for residents and businesses.

NuWave Industries was chosen for this vital role due to its innovative cutting solutions that provide cleaner, safer, and quieter operations. The company's advanced technology allows for precise cutting into the damaged pipe, facilitating the efficient replacement of the affected sections. This approach minimizes disruption and enhances the overall safety and effectiveness of the repair process.

"We are honored to be part of this essential project and to contribute our expertise in cutting-edge technology," said Tim Sharp, President at NuWave Industries Ltd. "Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring the repair is completed swiftly and with the highest safety standards."

NuWave Industries is working alongside LBCO Contracting Ltd., the lead contractor for the project. Together, the companies are leveraging their combined expertise and resources to expedite the repair process and restore full functionality to the water main as quickly as possible.

NuWave's collaboration with LBCO Contracting Ltd. has been seamless, and united in the goal to provide Calgary with a durable and reliable water infrastructure. This collaboration of various service companies underscores the importance of working together to address urgent community needs effectively.

The Calgary water main repair and replacement project is a testament to NuWave Industries' commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in the field of infrastructure maintenance and repair. The company looks forward to continuing its support for critical projects that enhance the quality of life for communities across Canada.

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About NuWave Industries Ltd.

NuWave Industries Ltd. is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for infrastructure repair and maintenance. Specializing in advanced hydro-cutting technology, the company is dedicated to delivering cleaner, safer, and more efficient services to clients across various industries.


NuWave Industries Ltd.


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