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Optimizing Industrial Mining: NuWave Waterjet Cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting is expensive, dangerous and consumes both resources and time. "Torch cutting" has been the preferred method of industrial grade cutting for years, but as technology advances, so does the way we work. NuWave technologies uses ultra-high pressured waterjet technology in any circumstance that torch cutting can be applied. Our industrial mining clientele is witnessing first-hand the savings that come through innovative waterjet technology.

Innovative Mining Processes

1.) No More Ignition Points or Hot Work Permits

The removal of trunnions and other industrial-grade equipment from a mining operation is required at times. As any mine manager can confirm, a hot work permit and extraction method will typically require loss of production. This is simply due to the required halt of equipment to ensure that ignition points do not exist during the torch cutting.

Hydrocutting in a mining operation negates the need for a hot work permit. There is no such thing as an ignition point when cutting with water. When you work with NuWave waterjet cutting there is a reduced requirement for operational shutdown. Overall, operations continue at a higher-rate than with flame cutters or welders.

2.) More Efficient Cutting of Steel

Saving time is the same as saving money.

In a previous industrial mining contract, NuWave was able to cut and remove a 7-foot steel trunnion within 48-hours. Our client advised our team that the same procedure would typically take 3-times the amount of time that NuWave completed the task in.

On average, our services are around 25% of that required for flame-cutting. We take less time, so we bill out less time. Not to mention, waterjet cutting simply utilizes less resources.

3.) Adaptable Cutting Capabilities

Our Mobile Radius Track cutters make it possible for our crews to cut unique and difficult to reach locations. Everything is operated remotely, keeping our crews safe and out of the line of fire, while also providing the time saving efficiency of waterjet cutting.

A large industrial mine based out of British Columbia, Canada asked that our team cut a grommet out of a roller mill. The grommet had fallen into the roller mill as a result of the ambient temperature of the roller mill increasing. Our radius track cutter completed the task within 8 hours, comparatively to the 4-day turn around required with saws and flame cutting.

Our equipment completed the extraction without any damage to the outer shell of the roller mill. We completed the entire task with two simple cuts.

Looking to optimize your industry? NuWave services oil and gas, green industrial energy, industrial mining, civil infrastructure, emergency and disaster response efforts and more. Contact our sales team today.

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