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How to Decommission an Oil and Gas Well

Oil and gas well abandonments are an asset management requirement all throughout North America. Effectively decommissioning a well requires a well-thought-out program to move the asset into a certified closure. It's important to work with the correct vendors throughout a program who are skilled and experienced in the process of decommissioning wells.

How to Decommission an Oil and Gas Well

Every well is going to have its own unique conditions that will need to be considered. In order to meet the standards put forward by the local regulator (AER, COGCC), a comprehensive engineered program will be required.

This plan should take into consideration things like the well history, the requirements of the well conditions, appropriate oil and gas service vendors, a skilled team of site supervisors and personnel to administrate the services.

Project planning should be mapped out by professionals who are versed in the requirements and regulations necessary for a successful and safe closure. These plans will details the teams and timelines required for both subsurface abandonments and above surface abandonment processes.

In the end, a reclamation certification will be issued when the site has been restored to a condition that satisfies the local environmental standards.

Deactivating an Oil and Gas Well: Cut-and-Cap

The traditional method for abandoning oil and gas well sites included massive earth movement and torch-cutting. Both of these services are costly to the resource company responsible for the decommissioning and closure of the well.

NuWave Industries Ltd. has optimized the cut-and-cap process with our innovative subsurface waterjet cutters.

This stage of the well decommissioning process is what allows the above ground reclamation of the site. The wellbore is cut below surface and then capped with our easy-install caps, and the well hole is able to be back filled.

The wellsite is then able to be remediated with earth moving equipment and restored to its natural ecosystem. NuWave Industries has the equipment and resources necessary to support our clients in decommissioning their oil and gas wells.

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