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Water Jet Cutting
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The NuWave Advantage

More than just a cut-and-cap company

NuWave Industries has a water jet to accommodate any cut. Whether it's mining, energy, industrial or any type of decommissioning and abandonments, our equipment is up for the challenge. NuWave is committed to both environmental and job-site safety. Our equipment uses only natural abrasives and water, which keeps our team and the earth safe. 

Our expertise goes beyond just water jets. 

Our management team comes from a long line of construction work. We are proud to offer our expertise to our clients for all their pipeline services, facility turnarounds and construction needs. 

Kilometers Driven


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Well Bore Cut & Cap


Pipeline Abandonments



Man Hours

What Our Clients Say

Approximately 93 well bores were abandoned using the NuWave cut-and-cap hydro-cutting method with no accidents or incidents. We saved over $500,00 using this method compared to the conventional method using a large excavation and a welder. Time was also saved as were able to complete up to 13 cut-and-cap operations in one day.

Daniel Grant

Earthworks Superintendent

Remedy Energy Services Inc.

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