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Industrial hydro-cutting and cold-cutting throughout North America & internationally

Waterjet Cutting Services

for every industry


NuWave Advantage

Cutting services for every industry

NuWave Industries has a water jet to accommodate any cut. Our company's history begins in 2010 with the oil and gas sector but has since evolved to support every kind of industry and every kind of cut.

After revolutionizing pipeline abandonments and well decommissioning, we are now offering the same NuWave Advantage to all industries.

Waterjet cutting services beyond cut-and-cap

Since 2010

Disaster Management


Industrial Mining

Marine & Waterways

Green Industrial

Oil and Gas

Chemical Industry

Waterjet Cutting Services

for all industries


Oil and Gas

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The oil and gas industry of North America has traditionally utilized torch-cutting for everything from site decommissioning, and pipeline cuts to well abandonments. NuWave Industries began as a cut-and-cap company; with our revolutionary approach to downhole, 360º cutting technology we are able to offer our clients a faster, less invasive and more affordable cutting solution that improves overall safety and precision to their projects.

The NuWave Industries Advantage

Changing the way we work

Waterjet cutting offers significant advantages to our clients across all industries. Waterjets save time, money and create better work  environments overall.

Waterjet cutting stands out as a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solution for clients in need of precision cutting. The high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles allows waterjet cutters to swiftly and accurately slice through a wide range of materials, from metals to composites, without the need for extensive setup or tool changes. The process eliminates the time-consuming task of changing blades or tools between different materials, leading to increased efficiency. Additionally, waterjet cutting produces minimal material waste, maximizing the utilization of raw materials and reducing costs associated with material disposal. The absence of heat-affected zones in waterjet cutting means there's no need for secondary processes, further streamlining the production timeline. Overall, the speed, efficiency, and material savings inherent in waterjet cutting make it a cost-effective choice for clients seeking precise and swift cutting solutions.

Faster & more efficient saves money

Remote operation allows operators to control the cutting process from a distance, minimizing direct exposure to potential hazards such as high-pressure water and abrasive materials. This not only reduces the risk of injuries but also enables operators to monitor the cutting process in a safer environment. The NuWave Advantage of remote capabilities enhance overall safety by providing operators with real-time feedback and control, allowing them to make adjustments as needed without physically intervening in the cutting zone. This feature is particularly beneficial in applications where cutting is performed in challenging or hazardous environments. By incorporating remote operation, personnel are kept out of confined spaces and the overall safety of the job site is improved.

No confined spaces remote operated

Unlike flame cutting, which relies on high-temperature heat and potentially hazardous gases, waterjet cutting utilizes a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles. This cold-cutting process with high pressured water eliminates the risk of heat-affected zones, minimizing the chances of material distortion, warping, or changes in metallurgical properties. Additionally, waterjet cutting produces no harmful fumes, reducing the risk of operator exposure to hazardous substances. The precision of waterjet cutting also contributes to safety by minimizing the need for secondary processes and reducing material waste. Overall, the cold and precise nature of waterjet cutting makes it a safer alternative for various materials and applications.

Safer than flame cutting

Waterjet cutters offer a distinct advantage in aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets by minimizing ecological footprints. Unlike traditional cutting methods that often involve the use of harmful chemicals or generate substantial waste, waterjet cutting operates with a cold cutting process using a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasives. This approach eliminates the release of hazardous fumes, significantly reducing air pollution and promoting a healthier working environment. Furthermore, the precision of waterjet cutting minimizes material waste, optimizing the use of raw materials and reducing the overall environmental impact. With lower energy consumption compared to certain alternative methods, waterjet cutters contribute to energy efficiency goals. Overall, the eco-friendly attributes of waterjet cutting make it a sustainable choice, supporting companies in their efforts to meet ESG targets and reduce their ecological footprint.

Meets ESG targets with natural abrasives and minimal footprints