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Cut & Cap Abandonments: Mobile Waterjet Cutting in Oil and Gas

Digital rendering of a subsurface wellhead waterjet cutter lowered into a wellbore and performing a pressurized cut of the wellbore casing
Subsurface wellhead waterjet cutter cutting a wellbore

Waterjet cutting has revolutionized the oil and gas abandonment process. NuWave's mobile, natural abrasive waterjet cutters have proven themselves more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional torch cutting method.

Our system is faster and safer. With each wellbore taking approximately 30 minutes to cut and cap. Our process saves our clients time and money. Below is an overview of how we provide superior Cut & Cap services to our oil and gas clients throughout North America.

Step 1: Prep Wellhead for Work

Our crews remove the "Christmas Tree" wellhead system from the 14" wellhead connection on site.

Step 2: Insert the Waterjet Cutter

Step 3: Activate Cutting Equipment

Step 4: Begin Cutting the Wellbore

Step 6: Rig-Out Cutting Equipment from Wellbore

Step 7: Cap the Wellbore & Complete Abandonment

Watch the Video

Learn more about our Cut & Cap system by reading our case studies.

Ready to work with NuWave Industries? You can contact one of our North American offices today.

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