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Mining Innovation: Cutting Trunnions with Waterjets

NuWave Industries provides safe and efficient cutting solutions using ultra high-powered waterjets for a variety of industries. By utilizing water cutting applications at an industrial grade, our clients are able to save thousands to millions of dollars.

Innovating Mining Maintenance Procedures

Our team has been supporting the mining industry by reducing the amount of time, labour and associated risks with decommissioning equipment within mines. Essentially, when you think about a need for cutting, NuWave's waterjets are able to revolutionize the process.

Removing, Repairing or Replacing a Mining Trunnion

Trunnions can weigh anywhere from 1 to 50 tonnes and are an integral piece of equipment in within mines. There are a multitude of reasons that a trunnion may unexpectedly or expectedly require maintenance, replacement or removal.

With the traditional methodology of removal (i.e heat cutting) mining operations require a considerable amount of "down-time" which results in lost production time for the client. NuWave's zero-heat high-pressured watercutting systems allow for a continuation of operations while simultaneously achieving the removal, repair or replacement of the ball mill trunnion in question.

Reasons to Replace a Ball Mill Trunnion

(Not in any hierarchal order)

  1. Stress Fractures and/or deformation

  2. Metallurgical quality issues from foundry

  3. Slurry racing behind trunnion liner or centre discharge cones leaking

  4. Dirt and grit contaminates causing scoring of journal surfaces

  5. Erosion or weakness from wear on the trunnion liner

  6. Operational failure causing overheating

  7. Poor maintenance or operation

  8. Washing or hosing dirt into a trunnion

  9. Plugged underflow tubes

Waterjet Cutting to Remove a Ball Mill Trunnion

Through integrating high-pressure hydro-cutting with a tracked mobile carrier, NuWave Industries has developed a system that is fast, non-labor intensive and adaptable to most any cutting needs. Our technology is easily adaptable to support the cutting of a trunnion by utilizing pneumatic and magnetic tracking systems which allow the crab crawler to securely make its cuts.

In one pass our Mobile Radius Track Cutters are able to cut through both tank coatings and multi-layer steel. We have the capability to cut most thicknesses, grades and compositions of steels.

Connect with our North American team today to discuss how NuWave can create a solution for your organization.

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