Water Jet Cutting 

NuWave's abrasive jet cutting tools are the most efficient tools available in the industry. As a pioneer water jet company to North America, we are able to offer clients the benefit of our years of research and development into perfecting our craft.

Environmentally friendly abrasive sands & granite for cutting

Abraision cutting for heat-sensitive, delicate & hard materials

High velocity water jet of 30k & up to 45k PSI 





Quality Control


Unmatched Service


Surface Well

NuWave's patented technology allows for multiple cut-and-caps to be completed in one day. NuWave saves time and money while increasing safety on location.


We offer flange bolt and tubing hanger cutters to compliment our existing services in the surface well abandonment division.


Pipeline & Pipeline Road Crossing Abandonments 

We adapted our wellbore abandonment process to pipeline risers so as to fill a market need that existed. 

Suitable for use in pipe as small as 2"

Complete 7+ abandonments per day

Our patented Pipeline Road Crossing Abandonments always achieve an excellent bond without bleed water, particle settling, air entrapment, void spaces or channelling when cutting/cementing abandoned pipelines under roadways, canals and railways


Pile Cutting

Our mobile high-pressure internal hydro-cutting tool enables piles to be cut at a specified depth below surface grade. 

Cut & pull 30 & up to 45 pilings per day

Pile wall thickness and inner diameter dependent, pile cuts take 15 minutes on average


Mobile Water Jet & Radius Track Cutting

Our rapid set up and rig down design allows us to accommodate multiple types of cutting surface's shapes and sizes.


Mining applications


Tanks & vessels

Radius Cutter.jpeg

NuWave Technology


Our experienced crews maximize client savings through managing recycle credits. We ensure efficiency without compromising safety through site and task specific health and safety planning. NuWave is experienced in working with chemicals, dusts, insulation, liquids, plastics, steel and wood.

Plant sites & site restoration

Underground piping & utilities


Compressor stations, product tanks & vessels

Asset recovery, salvaging & waste recycling

Industrial buidings



NuWave has the resources and equipment to offer a variety of strategies for contaminate remediation.

Infrastructure removal

Access road & lease removal

Pipeline suspension, abandonment & removal

Underground storage, tank, well head & pile removal

Soil excavation, transport, disposal &
importing clean fill

Contouring, hydro seeding and tree planting

Flare pit, well site & pipeline remediation


External Cut 16inch  inside 24 inch.jpg

Facility Turn Arounds, Maintenance & Construction

This division of NuWave is our flagship division, with 20 years of reputable experience in the field. Our crews are trained and highly skilled for jobs of all scopes and sizes. These services are available to our Canadian clients.


Modifications, debottlenecking & process improvements

Field production facility maintenance & modifications

Pipeline maintenance & repairs



Commissioning & start-up support

Torquing services

Upgrades & repairs of existing facilities


Pipeline Services

Oil, gas, fresh water or municipal lines. NuWave has the expertise to clean, dry, purge, seize and inhibit any line as required.

Pipeline cleaning, pigging & inhibiting

Y Lateral removals, tie-in's & modifications

Launch & receiver barrels

Riser & pipeline inspections

Hydrostatic testing

Tapping equipment & split sleeves

Plugging & cutting 

Pipeline fabrication

Pipeline Riser.jpg
Pipeline Riser.jpg