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Industrial Waterjet Cutting: Applications

NuWave Industries is known for the innovative downhole hydro-cutting technology that we brought to the oil and gas industry that changed the cut-and-cap market. Oil and gas isn't the only industry that our ultra high-pressured waterjets can be applied.

What kind of industries can use hydro-cutting technology?


Using radial track cutters and mobile technology, our crews have supported mining operations in optimizing in-plant repairs, maintenance, removals and more. In an upcoming case study publication, we will highlight the value-added and dollars saved by one of our mining partners through utilizing NuWave's waterjet cutting solutions.

Civil Infrastructure

When and where can waterjet cutting be applied in civil infrastructure? Roadways, decommissioning of equipment and also in sensitive ecosystems. Here at NuWave our multiple divisions of focus are always looking for ways to innovate the industrial hydro-cutting field through creating solutions that our clients are seeking. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with one of our newest high-pressured water cutting tools.

Riparian Areas & Waterways

NuWave Industries industrial waterjet cutting technology relies on high-pressured water and natural abrasives. That's it. Our crews are able to work without hot-work permit tags making them the safe and environmentally stable solution to work within sensitive ecosystems and the water.

Emergency Response

While NuWave does not house an emergency response crew or work directly in emergency response, our team does work closely with various response efforts. Waterjet cutters can be utilized in all conditions and pose no risk that comes with flames. We support emergency response efforts in remediation post-disasters and in accessing spaces post-accidents. Our crews are available to support when needed and are highly skilled at what they do.

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