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Case Study: Trunnion Cut

Case Study Overview

A 7-foot trunnion cut can take anywhere from five to seven days when you are operating with a torch. Our radius track water jet cutting method completed the same job at Logan lake in two days.

We were able to get in and out of this mine within 48 hours. The cut was clean & precise leaving no indicator that NuWave was even there, aside from the beautiful cut of course :). This in turn saved the mine over two million dollars!

Our system works fast, is non labor intensive and highly adaptable making it the perfect tool for this cut. The flameless cutting technology allows for these trunnion cuts to be a lot more efficient and cost effective.

NuWave Industries will save clients millions of dollars while simultaneously leaving no traces of us being there. Read the below case study for a more in depth look at the benefits of working with NuWave and the ways in which we are revolutionizing the mining industry.

View Full Case Study

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