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Case Study: Mining in Kamloops

Case Study Overview

Yes, NuWave does mining work! This particular project we brought in our mobile water jet straight cutter. High-pressured water jet cutting is changing the industrial mining industry. In the below case study, there was a 9-inch thick rubber grommet / gasket stuck in the roller mill.

Conventionally, this grommet / gasket would have been removed through the use of manual tools like a saw. This not only damages the steel shell, but it takes over four times longer.

We were able to cut this gasket out without causing any damage to the steel outer shell. This is done through abrasive free, high pressure water cutting to assure the steel isn't damaged. This would not have been possible using the conventional method. The cut itself only took our crew eight hours to perform.

Our water jet cutting technology allows us to perform cutting tasks with greater efficiency than a torch or saw which saves our clients time and money.

C​heck out below to see the case study! It highlights the key benefits of applying high pressured, abrasive cutting in industrial mining solutions.

View Full Case Study

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