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NuWave ESG: Sustainability as Priority

NuWave is dedicated to being a leader in the waterjet industry by being on the forefront of environmentally friendly solutions. That's why, this year, we have committed to formalizing our sustainability efforts. This includes measuring and documenting our current performance, analyzing where we can improve and setting progressive goals.

Download the NuWave Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report

Download PDF • 776KB

Some of the ways we are supporting continuous improvement includes committing to:

  • Exploring new eco-friendly engines and equipment that cut down on emissions and our environmental footprint

  • Continuing to be pioneers in the waterjet industry by introducing safe and environmentally forward approach to well abandonments

  • Providing efficient and eco-friendly processes and equipment to complement our growing fleet

  • Staying on-top-of and ahead of evolving environmental regulations to support our clients' goals

  • Challenging ourselves to integrate efficient and user-friendly tools that will support our employee's safety without impacting overall performance

Through tracking and reporting on our ESG commitments, we will continue to advance and be increasingly transparent about our formal ESG program.

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