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Water Jet Cutting: The Environmentally Friendly Solution

NuWave Industries Ltd. led the way in the development of Waterjet Cutting. We have been servicing industries with environmentally friendly and workplace safe solutions in cutting for over 15 years.

Do you want to price out a Water Jet today?

Our water jet cutting services are offered to our clients throughout North America and our technology is available around the globe. With years of research and development, NuWave's Water Jet technology is known for being "cut after cut, above the rest".

Are Water Jet Cutting Machines Environmentally Friendly?

Yes. NuWave's water jet cutting machines use all natural abrasives such as sand and granite partnered with high velocity water jets of 30,000 PSI and up to 45,000 PSI.

What this means is that it is only water and naturally occurring minerals that are engaged. No harsh chemicals and no threat to the natural environment. Our granite abrasive water jets are able to cut through:

  • Steel

  • Plastic

  • Stone

  • Tile

  • Glass

  • Ceramics, and more

What are the benefits of using a Water Jet for cutting?

The benefits lie in the reduced risks. Both the machine operator and the surrounding environment are spared any risk from heat or chemical exposure.

NuWave Water Jet technology allows for abrasion cutting of materials that are, heat-sensitive, delicate or extremely hard materials.

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