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Surface Well Abandonments

Learn about NuWave's Cut & Cap Surface Well Abandonments, Flange Bolts & Tubing Hanger Cutter as well as our Capping Systems.

NuWave's patented technology allows for multiple cut-and-caps to be completed in one day. NuWave saves time and money while increasing safety on location. We offer flange bolt and tubing hanger cutters to compliment our existing services in the surface well abandonment division.

Our Surface Well Abandonment experience is extensive. NuWave has been at the forefront of Water Jet Cutting since the technology entered the market. We are North American pioneers in Water Jet Cutting and our crews are the best in the industry. 

Surface Well Abandonments

Surface Well Abandonments

  • Effective & environmentally friendly solution to transitioning assets to abandoned 

  • NuWave is capable of handling the cut and cap, abandonment and remediation process all under one roof

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