Surface Well Abandonment Cut-and-Cap Well Bore

Well Casing / Cement between Casings / Casing String / Casing Bore / Cement Top / Well Bore / P&A / Plugging & Abandon / Plug & Abandon

NuWave is focused on providing significant improvements in efficiencies, cost savings and increased safety when compared to conventional excavation cut-and-cap processes. The speed and mobility of our process allows for multiple cut and caps to be completed in a single day. NuWave’s alternative approach to traditional cut-and-cap abandonment methods deploys the Company’s patented ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting and tool centralizing systems.

NuWave’s process is superior to conventional methods, providing competitive abandonment costs for stakeholders, minimal environmental disturbance, and increased overall operational safety.

Once you see the NuWave system in action, you’ll never cut and cap any other way!