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Remediation & Restoration

NuWave can analyze the remediation challenges and offer a variety of strategies for eliminating contamination.

NuWave has the resources and equipment to offer a variety of strategies for contaminate remediation. Our expertise in water jet cutting in addition to our extensive knoweldge and experience in construction, project management and remediation makes NuWave the best solution for remediation and reclamation. 

Our team and services are environmentally minded meaning that NuWave is familiar with what it takes to execute an exceptional remediation and reclamation project. 

Remediation & Restoration

Remediation & Restoration

  • Infrastructure removal

  • Access road & lease removal

  • Pipeline suspension, abandonment & removal

  • Underground storage, tank, well head & pile removal

  • Soil excavation, transport, disposal &
    importing clean fill

  • Contouring, hydro seeding and tree planting

  • Flare pit, well site & pipeline remediation

  • Restoration

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