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Pipeline Services

NuWave technicians are trained to support oil, gas, fresh water and municipal lines.

Oil, gas, fresh water or municipal lines. NuWave has the expertise to clean, dry, purge, seize and inhibit any line as required.

We are able to launch and receive barrels, conduct riser and pipeline inspections, handle all blow downs and so much more.

Our leadership here at NuWave along with highly experienced and skilled staff is what makes our energy solutions the best choice for pipeline services. NuWave is more than just a water jet cutting company, we have a solid and diverse background of expertise that allows us to see the entire job from the big picture as opposed to one single task. 

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services

  • Pipeline cleaning, pigging & inhibiting

  • Y Lateral removals, tie-in's & modifications

  • Launch & receiver barrels

  • Riser & pipeline inspections

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • Tapping equipment & split sleeves

  • Plugging & cutting

  • Pipeline fabrication

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