Integrated Winter Program

Pipeline Abandonments & Decommissioning, Facility & Equipment Decommissioning


Project Description

Pig and purge pipelines, isolate Y laterals, pressure B fabrication of risers to be added. Removed risers and pipelines no longer in production by water jet cut, mechanical plug used on abandoned lines. Remove all above ground infrastructure no longer required for production. Production equipment prepped for hauling too storage or disposal.

Awarded the first contract in December with performance related progress determining the contract awarded of phase two. Our technical and project management capabilities proved competent when planning and executing multiple scopes of work simultaneously and at the same time eliminated extra travel on the CLAWR controlled roads. Developing a realistic schedule to complete the scopes of work with unknown challenges and change orders, the project was on budget and on schedule due to strong communication from Cenovus representatives down through to the labours on the project. Phase two of the project was award, synergies were identified from phase one, efficiency and cost savings were passed on to Cenovus by not doubling up on scopes of work, and travel. All regulatory filings complete.

Project Details