Why NuWave

NuWave uses its Pioneering technology along with its new and Innovative tools to lead the Industry in all Surface Abandonment processes and projects as well as sustaining a cost-effective turnkey decommissioning/ facility team. We build value through our employees creating an atmosphere of teamwork, creativity and by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner.

Driven by continuous improvement in all aspects of our services, NuWave is dedicated to adding value to our client’s programs and operations that result in overall lower project costs, improve safety, maintaining budget and schedule while benefiting all associated stakeholders. NuWave Industries’ technology is Canadian‐designed, patented in Canada and the U.S., and Regulatory Board‐approved. Our safe, clean abandonment methods are suitable for oil wells, natural gas wells, pipeline risers, pilings and any projects where a hot work permit is required but the risk of injury to personnel is high. NuWave’s process eliminates the need for a breathing apparatus when cutting metals with toxic coatings or pipe used to transport chemicals. Lightweight tooling, little to no environmental impact or footprint, convenient, safe with significant cost savings.

We serve clients across Western Canada and in five States in America. Our hydro‐cutting (water jet) system is compact and mobile, suitable for use on any terrain and in any weather conditions.

Our corporate success has been based on the operating core values of the company that includes building a strong safety culture, employing people with a passion for the business, innovation with integrity and strong ethics. NuWave Industries is financially strong, and client-focused, this allows us to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients while working in partnership to reduce project costs.

Expertise: NuWave was first to market with this revolutionary hydro-cutting technology. Our founders’ research and investment brought it to life, and we have continued to innovate to better serve our clients’ needs. Our management and staff are the best in the field. We have performed tens of thousands of successful cuts for over 100 unique customers. Beware of imitators and their costly mistakes!

Reliability: We bring purpose-built technology, highly trained personnel, and detailed planning to every work site. Driven by positive results, we consider repeat business the highest compliment.

Ethics: From the boardroom to the job site, we are governed by our code of conduct. You can expect clear communication, open and honest negotiations, and to have your best interests at the forefront.

Safety: The NuWave process was designed with improving operator safety in mind, and safety remains at the core of our business. From the executive team to our operators in the field, we are guided by the tenet, “Think before you act.”

Environmental Stewardship: NuWave was founded with the intent of making abandonment projects cleaner (as well as faster and less expensive). We take our responsibility as stewards of the land very seriously. Our clients get reclamation certifications sooner not because there’s some “trick” to what we do—but because our methods minimize environmental disturbance.

Innovation: NuWave is constantly developing faster, safer, smarter, more cost-effective tools and processes. We believe investment in research and development that yields reduced risks and higher efficiency is money well spent. We create solutions in response to our clients’ needs—and in anticipation of them.